How to login a router?

Now it is most necessary thing to keep connected with internet for 24/7. Everyone cannot carry wireless internet connection or 3G/4G. Those internet connection is very expensive. That is why, Wi-Fi internet connection has been popular. Different routers have different ways to connect internet and other Wireless settings. That is why it is most important to know how to log in a router. If you want to setup any router at your home or office then you should setup your own router. This is not only for saving money but also you have learned something new. Go 192ip you will find router settings is very easy thing.
You need to preparer your mind for setting the router. You do not need to do any battle for setting the router. If you have bought any router then unpack it and read the manual properly. In the manual, everything is written detail. Some manufacture companies use pictures along with description. It is the best way for learning. If you do not find such manual then visit the manufacturing website. There you must get PDF manual or you can ask for manual from the service center of the manufacture companies. They must give you good guideline. If you are not still happy with the support center, then you need to Search Google or other search engine that will help you. is another way to know the settings and installation of the router. If you are lucky then you may get video on your router settings.
If you have bought cheap router then you do not need anything except username, password and default IP address. All cheap routers have less function and features. So, you do not need anything. In the router pack, you will get router device, Ethernet cable and power cable. If you do not find any extra paper in the box then turn the router upside down. You may find the default IP address, username and password. But if you use any expensive routers like Apple, Netgear N750 Wireless Dual-Band or Linksys EA8500 Max-Stream AC2600 model router then you may need to know the default IP address. However, according to router manufactures, routers to router settings can be different. You must get guideline in the router box for instructions. Apple needs utility for setting the router and Linksys want you to open account in the website. All of the manufactures give you a default password and username. However, you need to change the default setting if you are permitted to change.
You should follow all steps for connecting the device with computer and internet. Many routers have a Wizard option that will help you to setup the connection quick. You do not need to worry. Some routers do not have the Wizard option and manually you need to setup internet in that router. Read instructions and follow it for setting the router. Do not forget to setup internet security. You need to change all default settings first and enable WAP/WPA2 encryption security in the router. For home users, those steps are enough for giving internet security.